Lower Eyre Peninsula to See Cheaper Flights

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Rex Airlines and the District council of the Lower Eyre Peninsula have officially signed a three-year agreement that will see Rex introduce cheaper prices for flights between Port Lincoln to Adelaide.

The Rex Community Fare Scheme will see flights priced at $109 each way and available outside of 30 days prior to departure and availability, in addition to all remaining unsold seats within 24 hours prior to departure.

Rex operates 102 flights between Port Lincoln and Adelaide each week with up to eight return flights on week-days.

The Rex timetable caters for the specific needs of the Port Lincoln community with the ability to undertake same-day return travel from both Port Lincoln and Adelaide.

Mayor Quigley says the partnership is an exciting opportunity for the residents of the lower EP and Rex adding the Community Fare scheme is a significant benefit to the region by introducing low airfares to and from the Port Lincoln Airport.

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