Yorke Peninsula

If the Yorke Pensinsula isn’t the best place in South Australia for a quiet getaway, it’s definitely close.

Just a few short hour’s drive from Adelaide you’ll find Kadina, the peninsula’s unofficial capital and the region’s major service centre.

Heading south from you’ll encounter some sealed, but rugged roads, and some of South Australia’s most spectacular scenery – as well as some of our most beloved fishing spots.

They’re not the best roads in the state but the views are incredible; especially at the peninsula’s southern tip and along the famed Copper Coast.

And if you’ve come looking for a surfing spot, you’ve probably just found one of SA’s great hidden gems.

Adelaide isn’t renowned for its waves or surf spots, but the Yorke Peninsula most certainly is.

But if all you’re looking for is somewhere quiet to relax, try Marion Bay or one of the peninsula’s other beautiful, sleepy little villages.

You’ll find some great accommodation options, surrounded by either national parks, farmland, pristine beaches and blue seas for miles.


Discover the Yorke Peninsula

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