Flinders Ranges & The Outback

The South Australian outback is spectacular at the best of times but few areas offer the colour and majesty of the Flinders Ranges.

The Flinders are South Australia’s biggest mountain ranges and can be found about 400 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The scenery itself is worth the trip and every South Australian should make the trip at least once in their lifetime for the sunsets alone.

Few places on earth look like the Australian outback at the end of a clear day – the pale sky melts through pinks, oranges and reds before settling into the deep blue night.

Only small towns dot the area and it is definitely far enough from the city to see the stars shine as brightly as they should.

The Flinders has more to offer than just sunsets though.

The scenery is beautiful in any light and hiking trails snake through the rugged hills in all directions.

Whether you’re making your base camp in Port Augusta or further afield, you won’t have trouble finding accommodation that keeps you cool and comfortable without every letting you forgot that you really are in the heart of the South Australian outback.


Discover the Flinders Ranges & Outback

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