10,000 Visitors for Myponga Reservoir

The Myponga Reservoir has had its 10,000th visitor this week.

Since opening it to the public in April, the State Government said the increased tourism has lifted local businesses and been a boon to the community.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said the huge number of visitors was a clear sign of the popularity of the government’s opening reservoirs policy.

“To have 10,000 people visit Myponga Reservoir is an outstanding result and shows that South Australians are voting with their feet when it comes to opening up our reservoirs for recreational activities,” said Minister Speirs.

“The economic impact that these visitors are having on the small town of Myponga and the Fleurieu Peninsula cannot be understated with increased tourism driving more dollars into local businesses.

“The Smiling Samoyed Brewery and Myponga General Store have since had huge uplifts in turnover, with the brewery experiencing its biggest day of sales on the opening day of public access to the reservoir.”


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There are plans to allow fishing later in the year, which has drawn a mixed response from the community.

Some people have shared concern over the potential contamination of drinking water.

In June, a confidential report commissioned by SA Water and produced by SA Health was leaked to media via Opposition Minister Susan Close and suggested the promise to open reservoirs across the State quickly may risk public health.

SA Environment Minister David Speirs said at the time that the government was in no way rushing the process and has this week said he is confident it is safe.

“We have had no incidents where drinking water safety has been compromised as a result of recreational activities in the nearly six months since the opening of Myponga Reservoir, demonstrating our long held view that risks can be effectively managed in partnership with SA Health.

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